Do we need a wedding rehearsal?

When people think of wedding rehearsals they usually think of the movies; the romantic comedies that show everyone out to dinner the night before the wedding, all dressed up, and another expense in the likely already exhausted wedding budget, but it definitely doesn’t have to be anything like that!

I quite often get asked if it is necessary, and as a Celebrant I believe that while a rehearsal isn’t essential, it can be beneficial!

There are a number of things to think about when making the decision:

  • Who is in your bridal party?

Are there children in your bridal party? Are you confident that they will be able to walk down the aisle for the first time on the wedding day? Have your bridesmaids or groomsmen been in or to a wedding before?

A rehearsal will ensure that everyone knows what to do and where they need to be on the day.

Also, think about the logistics of getting everyone together. If your bridal party are flying in from interstate or they are working, will it be possible to get them all together?

Some people like to have their rehearsal a month before the wedding, others the day before the wedding. Do what works for you!

  • How familiar are you with the ceremony space?

If you are unsure where the aisle will be set up, of the surface you will be walking on, or where the sun will be at that time of the day familiarising yourself at the rehearsal will ensure things go smoothly and put your mind at ease.

It is also another excuse to visit the special place that you have chosen to be married!

  • How formal or informal would you like your rehearsal to be?

You can decide to have your bridal party and families attend a full rehearsal at the venue so they all know their role for the day, or alternatively you may decide that you would just like to have a ‘walk through’ in your lounge room.

Also, think about whether you would like to have your photographer, function coordinator or musicians involved. As professionals, your suppliers will coordinate on your wedding day to ensure everything flows seamlessly, and everything is prepared for when the bride is ready to come down the aisle.

and the most important one……

  • How do you feel about it???

If you are worried about where to stand, how to walk, how the timing of the music will work, how to speak in to the microphone or generally just don’t know what to expect then a rehearsal can ease these worries to ensure that on the day you are (a little less) nervous, and you can be present and enjoy your ceremony!


Whether you decide to have a rehearsal or not, it is the job of your wedding suppliers to talk you through it all and answer any questions along the way!

This is not something you do every day, and every wedding is different, so don’t hesitate to speak up, ask the questions and tap in to the knowledge and experience of the wedding professionals that you have chosen for your big day. That is what they are there for!!!


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