8 Myths of Wedding Planning

When it comes to wedding planning there are really no rules (well, except the legals, you want to be legally married!), but there is a lot of pressure on couples to get it ‘right’. Here are some of the myths of weddings and wedding planning that you can feel free to ignore if you want to!…


MYTH: You shouldn’t book the first vendor you meet with or buy the first gown

If it feels right, then lock it in! If you don’t book them, someone else will. By all means, make sure you are informed and knowledgeable about packages, prices and style because you don’t want to regret hiring a vendor, but make the decision, pull the trigger and go with your gut!

MYTH: Hiring friends is the same as hiring professionals

Some couples are lucky enough to have incredibly talented friends who pick up a hobby as a photographer, videographer, DJ or florist, and who are pretty great at it, but a talented friend cannot always be substitute for an experienced professional. Wedding professionals have the knowledge, know how, and are experienced with the ins and outs of a wedding day. They will ensure that your wedding runs smoothly.

MYTH: If you went to their wedding, they have to be invited to yours

Pulling together a wedding guest list, and keeping to budget and venue restrictions can be hard, so don’t feel obligated to invite anybody just because you were invited to their wedding. The reality is, you can’t invite everyone you, your partner, and your families want to invite, so stick to those you really want there on your wedding day, not out of guilt or obligation. 

MYTH: DIY will save you money

With the rise of Pinterest, Instagram and Etsy the idea of DIY-ing your wedding has become very popular. There are some aspects of the wedding that you can take in to your own hands and save yourself some money, but most wedding projects take significant amount time and effort. You may also find that purchasing all the tools and materials you need to complete your project can be more expensive than hiring or buying from a professional. Then there is the quality… when you hire a professional, you get a professional job.

MYTH: You need to stick with the traditions

A Giving Away, Dad walking the bride down the aisle, something old/new/borrowed/blue, the garter toss, the bouquet toss, the white gown… the list of traditions goes on! Don’t feel obligated to include anything that doesn’t mean something to you. You can omit any tradition that you don’t like, come up with your own traditions, have fun and be creative!

MYTH: You have to wear white

If the big white dress and veil just don’t appeal to you, then don’t feel pressured to wear them! There are a number of colourful, and beautiful options to choose from! There are many available bridal gowns in soft pinks, pastels, blues, and even florals, but you don’t even need to stop there. Pick a colour that you feel amazing in. Also, add some personality with a flower crown, head jewellery, flowers, head pieces, ribbons or other accessories.

MYTH: Your wedding party has to be equal

There is no rule to say that you have to have the same number of bridesmaids and groomsman! He might have a huge group of friends, and you might have just a couple of very close girlfriends, but there is no need to get ring ins to even everything up. The main thing to think about when you are choosing your bridal party is that you choose those who mean the most to you, and those you know who will be there to support, love, and celebrate you throughout your planning and on your wedding day.

MYTH: Every single detail needs to be perfect and meaningful, personalise, handmade and unique etc etc…

We live in a world of inspiration overload when it comes to weddings, with Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, the internet in general… and there is a lot of pressure on couples to be unique and personalise every aspect of their weddings. Try and limit yourself to a few special and personalised details, and be realistic of what your budget and schedule allows, and if you see an idea that you like, before committing to it, review whether it fits your overall vision for your wedding.

And just remember that realistically, it is very unlikely that everything will go exactly to plan, and be PERFECT the whole way through the process. Don’t get bogged down in the tiny details.

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