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A detailed list of steps involved in planning your wedding ceremony

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I love what I do

I am lucky enough to be one of those people who have found their passion and who knows what they want to do! Weddings are beautiful occasions and as a Marriage Celebrant I love that no two are the same, but for me it is not just about the one day but the whole planning process. I love getting to know each couple, being creative as I write their ceremony, and delivering a ceremony that is memorable for them and their family and friends for all the right reasons!

My Number One Priority: That you enjoy your ceremony

My goal is to make the planning process easy and stress-free, and my number one priority is that you enjoy your wedding day. You can be confident that I will coordinate and run your ceremony in accordance with your wishes, be genuine in my delivery of your ceremony, and bring many smiles, laughs and good tears to you and your guests. I will also take care of all the legal paperwork along the way so you don’t have to.


Experienced and Trusted

I have worked with over 600 AMAZING couples and continue to learn and grow through every wedding I am a part of. I like to keep things fresh and adapt to each couple so their wedding really reflects who they are, but I can also provide advice and guidance on what does and doesn’t work. I am continually looking to improve the service I provide and am always there to answer any questions or ease any worried minds throughout the planning process.

the process

♥ meet & greet & see if I am THE right fit for your day

When choosing your Celebrant the most important thing is that you ‘click’. You want to feel confident in them and what they offer, know that they will listen to you, and that when you are standing up there on your wedding day that you will feel comfortable and as relaxed as possible. We will meet, I will take you through the planning process and what is involved and you can ask me any questions you have and be sure that I am the right fit for you and your wedding day.

♥ booking confirmation & payment of booking fee

If you choose to go ahead with your booking I will send you an online booking confirmation, ask you to complete a Contract for my services, and to pay a Booking Fee of $500 to confirm your booking, and hold your wedding date and time.

♥ access to my online planning dashboard

I have developed a number of resources to help my clients throughout the planning process, and am continually updating it with new information. The Ceremony Planning Dashboard contains checklists, downloads, articles, and many tips & tricks to help along the way, from the Ceremony Planning Checklist to get you started, to a guide to Applying for your Official Marriage Certificate after the wedding. Once your Booking Fee is paid I will email you login details and passwords and you can access the Dashboard at any point throughout the process.

♥ completion of the notice of intended marriage

Your Notice of Intended Marriage can be completed up to 18 months prior to your wedding date and must be completed at least one month before your wedding date. I will make an appointment with you to complete this and will require you to provide either your Birth Certificates or Passports, and proof of dissolution of any previous marriages to sign this off.

♥ homework time! – the ‘your story’ questionnaire

I will email you a questionnaire to complete that will allow me to create a ceremony that is personalised and will reflect you as a couple. Questions include when and how you met, the most exciting and shaping experiences you have shared in your relationship, and what you love and what challenges you about each other.

♥ creation of your personalised ceremony

Using your answers to the Your Story Questionnaire I will create a ceremony that reflects you and what you want for your wedding day. This means no fluff, no generic passages about what love is and what marriage is, and no boring bits. It’s about your relationship, your love, your marriage, and all those interesting and funny stories along the way. I will also provide resources and assist you in writing your own vows if you wish to.

♥ rehearsal & coordination with your other suppliers

It is best to coordinate and book your rehearsal approximately 1 month before the wedding. The rehearsal is usually within the 1-2 weeks before the wedding. This can be at the venue or an alternate location and can involve your wedding party, or family and friends, but can just be us!

♥ the big day!

I will arrive approximately 45-60 minutes before the ceremony is due to start, set up, be ready to assist the wedding party and guests in the lead up and be sure that we are ready to go when you are. I will coordinate with the Function Coordinator at your venue, your photographer, your videographer, and your musicians to ensure we can all do our best work and, as a team, deliver an amazing ceremony for you.

♥ application for your official marriage certificate

Following your ceremony I will send off your paperwork and register your marriage with Births, Deaths and Marriages. I will then assist you in applying for a copy of your Official Marriage Certificate (the copy you will need if you wish to change your name).

the package

My comprehensive wedding ceremony package includes:


  • A free, no-obligation meeting  to discuss your ceremony requirements, learn about me and what I do, and see if I am the right Adelaide Marriage Celebrant for you
  • Meetings to catch up, discuss and plan your wedding ceremony in detail and complete the required paperwork
  • A ceremony rehearsal at your wedding venue or alternate location with you and your bridal party (if required)
  • Unlimited telephone and email communication up until your ceremony date, and assistance to guide you through the entire planning process.
  • Travel to and from your ceremony venue and other meetings 


  • Supply, preparation and lodgement of all legal documents to register your marriage
  • Solemnisation of your marriage (performance of your legal wedding ceremony)
  • Couple’s Marriage Certificate presented on your wedding day.
  • Assistance in applying for you Official Marriage Certificate following your ceremony.


  • Access to my online Planning Dashboard containing tips, tricks, resources and guides to make your ceremony personalised and engaging.
  • Creation of a ceremony that reflects you and your relationship
  • Use of my high quality, portable, wireless sound system that can accommodate MP3, USB, AUX and Bluetooth for your ceremony music, and wireless, hand-held microphones to ensure everyone can hear what’s going on
And plenty of smiles and laughs (and coffees and/or wines) with me along the way!



What are your fees?

My fees vary depending on the day and month you are getting married, and where it falls in peak/off peak times. Get in touch via my contact form for a quote. Don’t forget to include your date and venue!

Can we meet you before we book?

Absolutely! When choosing your Celebrant the most important thing is that you ‘click’. You want to feel confident in them and what they offer, know that they will listen to you, and that when you are standing up there on your wedding day that you will feel comfortable and as relaxed as possible.

I am available to coordinate meetings any day of the week, including weekends and evenings, and can meet at your home or out and about. Whatever is easiest for you!

Can you tentatively hold our wedding date?

Quite often I will receive multiple enquiries for the same dates. Unfortunately I am unable to tentatively hold wedding dates without the payment of a booking fee. If you are keen to book, it’s best to organise a time to chat with me as soon as possible. 

If you choose to go ahead with your booking I will send you an online booking confirmation, ask you to complete a Contract for my services, and to pay a Booking Fee ($500) to confirm your booking, and secure your wedding date and time.

How many weddings do you book in one day?

Just one. When you book, you book the whole day. This allows flexibility with your timeline and means that you receive the attention and time you deserve on your big day.

Why do you only have one package option?

Whether you have 2 or 200 guests, you get full, personalised service!

No matter the size of your wedding, I will still only have your wedding booked on that particular day. I will meet at times and locations convenient for you throughout the planning process, take care of the legals, create a personalised, ‘from scratch’ ceremony, meet you at your venue for a final run through, provide my equipment, and access to my many resources.

Basically… no matter the size of the wedding… I will not cut corners!

Do you take care of all of the legals and paperwork?

Yes, I will provide all required forms, assist with their completion, and ensure all legal requirements for the ceremony are covered off. 

How long will the ceremony go for?

It varies greatly depending on the needs and wants of each couple, but in my experience 20 – 25 minutes is about right. 

This may be shorter if you just want to cover off the legals and get it done, or may be longer if you would like to include your own rituals, readings, formalities and you write long vows. 

Both options are fine, but my philosophy is that everything included in the ceremony should have a reason, a meaning and a purpose, and keep it simple! Sometimes less is more! 

What do you need from us?
  • ID – to complete your Notice of Intended Marriage I need to confirm your identities. I will need you to provide your birth certificates or passports and proof of the dissolution of any previous marriages. 
  • A little bit of homework – to allow me to personalise and adapt your ceremony to you and your wedding, I will ask you to complete a questionnaire for me (all online) approximately 1-2 months before the wedding.
  • Your trust and communication – a perfect ceremony is a team effort. You share your dreams and plans for your ceremony, and I’ll share my experience and expertise.
What will you wear to our wedding?

I always dress for the occasion! As you will see from my photos, I have an array of wedding-suitable outfits and tend to stay with those neutral colours that look great in photos. I will also check in with you at your rehearsal/final prep meeting to ensure that I don’t turn up matching or clashing with your wedding party!

If you have a theme, request, or if you’re wedding is a thongs or Connies type of affair, just let me know and I will adapt to that too!

What happens if you get sick?

If I do happen to become unwell and unable to attend your wedding, I will find a suitable replacement and transfer all required paperwork in a timely manner.

This has only happened once (thanks Covid!) and the Adelaide wedding industry really pulls together in these situations! I have confidence that my Celebrant buddies have my back should I need them!

How long have you been a Celebrant?

My Celebrant Registration came through 1st May 2015. Since then I have performed more than 600 weddings, and am constantly learning and improving the services I offer to the couples I work with. I love that every day is different in my job, and love that I meet new people all the time; couples and wedding industry professionals. 

Prior to this I spent a couple of years at home with my daughters, and worked for approximately 8 years in Administration in a variety of roles, from Receptionist to Executive Assistant, and industries, from Pharmaceutical to Mining. Along with my Certificate IV in Celebrancy, I also hold a Certificate IV in Business Administration.

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