Using Mood Boards to plan your wedding

Wedding planning has started! So many decisions to make, and so much inspiration… EVERYWHERE! Facebook, Instagram, wedding websites and magazines, even the colour of the leaves in the street appeal as the perfect colour scheme. So, how do you make sense of it all and streamline it so that your wedding style makes sense?

This is where the mood board comes to the rescue!

First thing’s first – what is a mood board? A mood board can also be described as an inspiration board. It is an arrangement of images, materials, pieces of text etc that can be used to experiment and streamline your ideas to match your wedding vision, and visually communicate that vision to those you are working with.

The idea is to bring your images and ideas together, all those things that have caught your eye and you want to include in your big day.

By bringing together the photos you have saved, the posts you have screenshotted, the magazine clippings etc etc, you can review them and start grouping the things that appear to fit well together; they may feature the same colours or have the same style or vibe, or they may provide balance or contrast to other styles, and as you group, experiment and play around, you will find that patterns and themes will start to emerge and you will start to find your own direction and style!

Once you find your theme, your boards will also help you keep on track when all those new ideas continue to appear and start looking very tempting!

Bride, Donna, said mood boards were her saviour when it came to planning her Moroccan styled wedding –

‘Our inspiration came from an influence of both our cultures Bengali and Greek Cypriot and our travel to Tangier, Morocco.

We are both huge on colour, food, travel and culture and we wanted a day to reflect our passions in life; a day that was unique and not following any trends but creating our own. We love the warm, magical and Arabian night feel which it definitely provided on the day and night.’

The other great thing about mood boards; suppliers LOVE them!

We all can explain what we envision to someone, but everyone we explain to will get always have a different perception. It’s such an easy and visual way to explain to vendors what you are looking for on the day so you are on the same page. Without it the final result could end up different to what you originally thought. The vendors loved the images and scrapbooking. Made the process less stressful and much easier.’

There are a number of different ways to pull your mood board together, and a number of different tools available to make it easy. If you aren’t into cutting and pinning or pasting to create a physical 3D board or scrapbook, head to your app store and download one of the many collage or mood board apps available, such as Pinterest or Canva. Using an app means you always have your board with you and you can snap a pic and add to it wherever and whenever. Keep in mind that you will want to share your board with your suppliers, too, so a portable or digital can be handy!

And the number one tip from Donna – ‘you don’t always have to take the safe styling in your wedding. You want it to be personal to you and your partner. So many weddings look the same. Break the mould and represent your bond as a couple. I loved the day, so did my husband. Reflected us so much.’

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Image via Pinterest, Bridal Musings
Image via Pinterest, Bridal Musings
Image via Pinterest

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