So, what is a wedsite?

The internet is a vital tool in wedding planning these days! It is used to search for and communicate with suppliers, connect with other brides, to shop, keep up with ever changing trends and collect ideas and inspiration, and now, many couples are saving lots of time, money and resources by building their own wedding website, or ‘wedsite’.

You can think of your wedding website as a wedding invitation that can contain endless amounts of information about your big day! It is not easy to provide all the details of a wedding on anything that is going to fit in a reasonably sized envelope, a Facebook group or Event Invitation doesn’t quite leave the same impression, and you don’t have time to field all the phone calls and messages from your guests asking a million questions, so why not tap into all the tools available?…

There are many wedding website building platforms online at very little cost (or even free!) and below are just some of the things you can include on your own personal page…

  • Your story – set the tone for your wedding and share your story with your friends and family; how you met, what drew you to each other, the milestones you have shared, your engagement story, and everything that has brought you to the point of getting married.
  • Your engagement photos – you have had a beautiful engagement photo shoot and absolutely adore your photos, so why let them sit on a USB or in a Facebook album when you can share them with those you love on your website?
  • The wedding schedule – Your wedding invitation will include your start time and time of ‘dinner reception to follow’ but your website will allow you to include a more detailed run down on the day, from the ceremony and drinks and canapes, to speeches, cake cutting, and last call at the bar. You can also include an extended schedule and include the bridal shower, hens party, wedding rehearsal, afterparty, and honeymoon send off.
  • Parking, transport, directions and accommodation options – Every venue will have different facilities, features, and requirements and often it will be important to let your guests know about them! On your website, you can provide special directions (let’s face it, Maps isn’t always 100% accurate), notes about limited parking, or details if you will be hiring a bus to ferry your guests from one place to the next. Weddings are also a great excuse for many of your friends and fam to enjoy a holiday or weekend away, so listing the most convenient accommodation options convenient to your wedding venue can be a great help if they aren’t familiar with the area.
  • RSVPs – There is something special about going to the letterbox, opening it up, and finding something other than a bill, however, there is nothing fun about paying for postage and rounding up RSVP’s when planning your wedding. Thankfully, there is technology to help with that! Many wedding websites will allow guests to jump on your website, enter their names, dietary requirements, song requests and any other details you want. No trip to the post box required! This also allows you to log on and find all the details in one place!
  • Introductions to key players – Family and friends travel from far and wide to attend a wedding, and it is very likely that they won’t all know each other, or where everybody fits in. You can use your website to introduce your bridal party, parents or your suppliers and allow your guests to put faces to names before the wedding day. You can create a profile for each, include a photo, and details of why they have been chosen as part of your bridal party. Ask your friends to share some memories or what they love about you most.
  • #yourwedding – If you are using a wedding hashtag or wedding photo app (such as Wedpics) to collect photos from your wedding day you can list instructions and details on your website. You can also upload photos directly, or create an online guestbook where your guests can leave photos and messages.
  • Your honeymoon and wedding photos – again… why would you want to just keep them on a USB somewhere or in a Facebook album??…

And… why not journal your wedding planning experience and write your own wedding blog? – wedding planning can bring on a rollercoaster of emotions. There are many exciting days, and days that you wonder why you are doing this and are very tempted by the idea of eloping. It doesn’t matter how the journey is, I can almost guarantee that it will fly by, so documenting and sharing the steps with your loved one can be fun and therapeutic, and give you something to look back on when it is all over and you enter into married life.

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