Enjoy the journey, not just the destination

I generally try to steer well clear of clichés, especially when it comes to wedding planning (most clichés don’t exactly scream ‘modern, laid back, writer of interesting, exciting wedding ceremonies’), but this is one I want to bring to the attention of each, and every bride and groom planning their wedding.

So, here goes…..

Enjoy the journey, not just the destination

Basically, what I am saying is it is important to enjoy the whole process of planning your wedding, not just the one big day at the end. Rather than just talking about the amazingness that is your wedding day, or how stressful and overwhelming (and expensive) wedding planning is, let’s talk about all the fun and exciting experiences along the way…

Your engagement! – YOU’RE ENGAGED! Enjoy it! Soak in the happiness, love, and celebrations that surround this time because YOU’RE ENGAGED! Cherish the time with your new fiancé (and that new ring), planning your engagement celebrations, whether that be a party, holiday or just quiet bubbles together, and don’t feel rushed into planning your wedding too soon! Relish the time being ENGAGED, being together, and being in love!

Sharing special moments as a couple – Wedding planning comes with so many special moments together with your fiancé; visiting potential venues, menu tastings, choosing your wedding rings, planning your honeymoon and sitting down together and writing your wedding vows. While you will have a team of people around you helping with the wedding plans, there are some moments and tasks that just need to be all about the two of you!  

Spending special moments with your family and friends – Family and friends will travel from far and wide to share and celebrate this time with you, and your nearest and dearest will be excited to share in the steps of planning and do all they can to make the experience special and memorable for you. Enjoy the trips to bridal fairs, wedding expos and to choose your wedding dress with your mum, sisters or closest friends, and the dinners, drinks and catch ups with your favourite people who have made the journey to be there for your special day.

Exploring new locations – It is amazing the places that are so close to home that you don’t know are there until you go looking for them! Type ‘wedding venues’ into Google and you will be blown away with the list of beautiful places that exist just around the corner. Now is the chance to visit these venues, wineries, gardens, beaches, resorts etc etc, check them out, and find the place that feels right for you to get married! Some might not be right for your wedding but you could find a great place to share a meal or glass of wine, have some wedding photos taken, or share a weekend away.

Meeting and connecting with new people – You will meet many amazing people throughout your planning… wedding vendors, other brides, and those friends and family of your fiancé that you may not have crossed paths with yet, and they will all (well they SHOULD all) be very excited to share the experience with you! You never know who you might come across, and who might just stay in your life after your wedding.

Reflecting on your relationship so far – As you’re writing your speech, writing your vows, completing questionnaires for your vendors and expressing the dreams and plans for your wedding, there will be moments when you are absolutely overwhelmed with the feelings of love and happiness, and the excitement of being married and spending your future with the person you love more than anything else in the world. Be sure to acknowledge and remember all of these feelings.

Being pampered – Hair, nails, make-up, tan, trip to the barber, beautiful gowns, slick suits, massages and people making a fuss over you… weddings are the time to be pampered! Take these occasions to switch off, breathe, relax and soak it all in!

Hens and bucks celebrations – This is one you can handball off and let your bridal party organise, then you can dress up, turn up for the day/night/weekend, have a few drinks, be spoilt, relax, and just enjoy it! Maybe just suggest to your bridal party that you don’t want it at your house… the last thing you want is a mess to clean up!!!

Planning your future – how exciting to imagine your life ahead… life as newlyweds, honeymoon, husband, wife… building a house, growing a family, travelling the world, and doing it all together! Don’t just think about planning the wedding, but planning your marriage. That one day is the start of something amazing!!

Menu tastings, cake tastings and free champagne!! – Enough said…

How can the experience be more enjoyable?

Top tips for staying stress-free (ish… I can’t actually promise it will be stress-free, sorry!)

  1. Ask for help – don’t be afraid to ask your friends and family for help in your planning. There are some jobs that you don’t have to do yourself and can be handed over! Also, be sure to tap in to the knowledge and experience of your suppliers. If you are worried or unsure about something, just ask!
  2. Avoid toxic people – weddings tend to bring out the best, and unfortunately, the worst in people. If there is a friend or family member who is zapping your energy, putting unnecessary pressure on you or doing their best to rain on your parade, don’t feel guilty about stepping away, and focussing on YOU and YOUR day.
  3. Hire good people – hire reputable suppliers that listen to you, that you can trust, and that give you the confidence that they will take care of things and get shit done! Check reviews, talk to other brides, and don’t be afraid to ask questions! And remember, (oh no, another cliché…) you get what you pay for!
  4. Have a plan – do your best to stay organised in a way that works for you, whether it’s a diary, spreadsheet, app or to-do list. Make note of the biggest and most important tasks and when you want to have them completed. Tick one thing off at a time, and don’t overwhelm yourself with tiny little tasks… they will come together!  
  5. Reflect on why you are having a wedding – if it does all feel like a bit too much, take a step back, take a deep breath, and remember why you are here, and why you are planning a wedding; to get married to the person you love!!!

Every tiny, little detail might not be perfect, and the wedding may not all go exactly to plan, but at the end of the day, you will be married, and you will be starting your next chapter together. One day does not make or break you as a couple!