30 weddings tips for every couple

  1. Do it your own way! These days there is no right or wrong way to plan a wedding (Read: 8 ways to personalise your wedding day)
  2. Ask for help! It is YOUR wedding but that doesn’t mean you have to do EVERYTHING!
  3. Plan for your marriage, not just your wedding. It’s a big day, but it’s not the only day. (Read: Enjoy the journey)
  4. Research the date, and be aware of wedding season, local events, public holidays, school holidays and other events that could affect accommodation, transport etc for your wedding.
  5. Get recommendations from your suppliers; let one lead you to the next, and to another…..
  6. Learn about the legals. There are a number of legal requirements when you are getting married, such as providing a months’ notice in the form of the Notice of Intended Marriage. Speak to your celebrant and find out what is involved!
  7. Remember that you get what you pay for! If any quote sounds too good to be true it probably is. Don’t gamble with your wedding day! Hire the professionals.
  8. Talk to your suppliers! Ask questions, tap in to their knowledge and experience.
  9. Book early… once you have set the date, start booking your suppliers.
  10. Plan and make decisions together, the day is about both of you.
  11. Be firm with your guest list, stick to your numbers and your budget.
  12. Have a uniform kids policy, be firm on whether you can have kids attend (Read: Kids & Weddings)
  13. Don’t let your wedding consume you, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a step back and do something normal. Have a coffee with a friend and don’t talk about the wedding, watch a movie, go for a walk….
  14. Start a designated email address for your wedding to keep all emails and communications together
  15. Create a wedding hashtag to collect all your wedding photos from your guests
  16. Have a wedding website to share details and updates with your guests
  17. Go digital and download a wedding planning app to keep on top of your tasks, and carry your list with you wherever you go
  18. Use mood boards to organise your inspiration and ideas and find your wedding vibe (Read: Using Mood Boards to plan your wedding)
  19. Be creative!
  20. Brief your suppliers on any family tension or awkward family dynamics – it will save awkward conversations on the day!
  21. Have a runner on the day to answer questions so you don’t have to
  22. Have a contact sheet! You won’t necessarily have access to your phone on the day so be sure your suppliers and planners have a list of emergency contacts
  23. Schedule in a quiet few minutes in your wedding timeline to just be with each other.
  24. Don’t plan for everything to be perfect – things don’t always go as planned and that’s ok!
  25. Accept that you can’t please everybody
  26. Write your own vows – it is the perfect personal touch. If you aren’t sure about where to start, chat to your celebrant
  27. Have a plan B – you can’t control the weather, but you can prepare and cover yourself just in case!
  28. Keep it simple! When it comes to weddings sometimes less is more!
  29. Book your honeymoon in your maiden name, it can take months to complete the change of name process and you want your ID to match your travel bookings
  30. Enjoy the process! It isn’t just about the one day at the end!

One thought on “30 weddings tips for every couple

  1. Adam Axford says:

    I liked these tips. Wedding means a big day for anyone that needs to be special and one should have a clear list of things to manage. Along with this entertaining your guests is also an important part of this day. Hiring a wedding magician is also a good idea.

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